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Getting Started



Tactician is available on Packagist.

To install, just run:

> composer require league/tactician

Now we need to configure Tactician for your project.


There are a few different ways to configure Tactician, depending on your Framework.

No Framework

If you just want to get started and don’t care about tweaking anything, you can use our DefaultSetup factory to get running with a minimum of fuss.

// All you need to do is pass an array mapping your command class names to
// your handler instances. Everything else is already setup.
        AddTaskCommand::class      => $someHandler,
        CompleteTaskCommand::class => $someOtherHandler

// The only rule is that your handlers must have a "handle" method
class AddTaskHandler
    public function handle(AddTaskCommand $command) {
        // ...

That said, if you’d like to change the handler method called or any other options, take a look at the Tweaking Tactician page for more details. It’s really easy. Promise.

Supported Framework Adapters

These frameworks are currently on our targeted list.


There’s an official Tactician bundle for Symfony. It’s still in active development but it works well and you can use it in your projects.

Zend Framework 2

Mike Zukowski already authored a ZF2 module. You can grab it at its Github page!


There’s a number of Laravel Tactician packages on Packagist. We don’t have a formal recommendation yet but there’s some really good ones available.


Prasetyo Wicaksono is actively maintaining a Silex service provider for Tactician.

Yii Framework 1

Pavel Mikushin has built an adapter for the Yii framework 1.

Yii Framework 2

Kilderson Sena has built an adapter for the Yii framework 2.


For CakePHP integration a Tactician plugin has been implemented.