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This plugin adds support for lazy-loading Command Handlers from a container. If you’re using a container (that is an implementation of the container-interop ContainerInterface) in your project, this plugin will likely improve your memory usage and startup times compared to the InMemoryHandlerLocator that Tactician ships with by default.

Setup has a few steps but it isn’t very complicated:

// Map your command classes to the container id of your handler. When using
// League\Container, the container id is typically the class or interface name
$commandToHandlerMap = [
    RentMovieCommand::class => RentMovieHandler::class

// Next we create a new Tactician ContainerLocator, passing in both
// a fully configured container instance and the map.
use League\Tactician\Container\ContainerLocator;
$containerLocator = new ContainerLocator(

// Finally, we pass the ContainerLocator into the CommandHandlerMiddleware that
// we use in almost every CommandBus.
$commandHandlerMiddleware = new CommandHandlerMiddleware(
    new ClassNameExtractor(),
    new HandleInflector()

// And that's it! Drop it in our command bus and away you go.
$commandBus = new CommandBus(
        // your other middlewares...